Cygames hosted an in-depth Granblue Fantasy: Relink showcase earlier today, with a heavy emphasis on fresh PS5 gameplay footage. The first section walks us through the single-player story mode, demonstrating the adventure's structure. It essentially boils down to large, explorable areas and big battles, which are strung together with character-driven cutscenes and dialogue. Outside of the core plot, you can take walks around hub towns and pick up side quests, which grant you items that can then be used to upgrade your party's equipment.

The showcase's second section covers additional quests. Or more specifically, endgame quests. The developers group together as a team of four and take on one of Relink's toughest foes. Worth a watch if you want to see what the game plays like when you're controlling max-level heroes.

In case you missed the news, a Granblue Fantasy: Relink demo is launching very soon on PS5 and PS4, so you'll be able to take the action RPG for a spin yourself ahead of its release on the 1st February.

How's Relink looking, then? Gather your party and hop aboard an airship in the comments section below.