Granblue Fantasy Relink Anime

If you're looking forward to Granblue Fantasy: Relink and you want to get in the mood for some sky island adventure, Cygames has your back. The company's English YouTube channel has uploaded the first seven episodes of the Granblue Fantasy anime, suitably titled Granblue Fantasy: The Animation. It first aired in 2017, and it adapts the core storyline of the original Granblue Fantasy mobile game.

The storytelling's a little stiff and the pacing's a bit hit and miss, but it's a decent show overall, and it features some lovely artwork and animation. These episodes have Japanese voices, but you can enable English subtitles through YouTube's player. Probably worth a shot, especially if you plan on playing Relink with limited knowledge of Granblue Fantasy's world.

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Judging by the above tweet, we're only getting those first seven episodes, which is a shame. Season 1 has a total of 12 episodes, but we don't think the full thing is available to watch online ā€” at least, not in the west. Season 2, however ā€” which is another 12 episodes ā€” is on Crunchyroll.

Will you be giving the Granblue Fantasy anime a try? Maybe you've already seen it? Hop aboard your airship in the comments section below.

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