Genshin Impact’s drop-dead gorgeous world will get even more stunning when update 4.4 arrives on 31st January, adding annual Lunar New Year content to the Chinese-inspired region of Liyue. Debuting in the update on PS5 and PS4 is new tech named Global Far Fog and Gradient Tint Rock, which will add depth and atmosphere to an entirely new area named Chenyu Vale.

You’ll embrace the power of the adepti to access this fresh environment, transforming into a carp and soaring to heights previously inaccessible. There you’ll encounter a variety of legendary beasts, including a new boss named the Solitary Suanni. Meanwhile, back at the Liyue harbour, the Lantern Rite festival will return, with a bunch of minigames for you to engage with.

Genshin Impact Will Soon Look Better Than Ever Before on PS5, PS4 4

One of the main rewards will be a new outfit for Xingqiu, but the season will also be marked by a total of 13 free Intertwined Fates, which will help you to pull for new characters Xianyun and Gaming. The former is a five-star Anemo-themed Catalyst wielder, while the latter is a four-star Wushou dancer. Both will be accompanied by re-runs of Nahida, Xiao, and Yae Miko throughout the update.

Elsewhere, the update will feature new outfits for Ganyu and Shenhe, both of which will be discounted upon their introduction. There’s tons to look forward to in this update, then, which has more of a chill, celebratory theme after the intense action of the recent Fontaine shenanigans. Will you be checking out the new area? Reach new heights in the comments section below.