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The decisions made by outgoing Activision CEO Bobby Kotick actively made Call of Duty games worse. That's according to Christina Pollock a programmer who previously worked on the series. Pollock, along with many other former colleagues, made their feelings regarding the controversial exec known on social media once it was confirmed he had definitely left the building.

Kotick finished up last week and, in addition to (probably) getting to sleep in now, was reportedly sent off with a "golden parachute" of at least $15 million, a number that is unlikely to include his extensive shares in the company (thanks Polygon). Pollock said, of the suit, that "Bobby’s decisions made our games worse. In my first month, it came out he threatened to have an employee killed. In the all-hands [all-staff meeting] that followed, no one wanted to speak first. So I demanded his firing in front of everyone."

Pollock wasn't the only one, as former colleagues came out of the woodwork to wish Bobby well on his way out the door, sharing stories of their experiences with the exec. Andy Belford describes how concerns about Overwatch 2 being review bombed on Steam were repeatedly ignored ahead of launch.

Kotick's memory will likely live long in infamy, as the photogenic CEO's 32-year career was plagued by scandals that ranged from fostering an unhealthy working environment to allegedly threatening to kill his assistant. It's unclear where the controversial executive will land next or even if Kotick will remain within the industry. Place your bets in the comments section below.

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