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Volition Games, best known for its (now defunct) Saint's Row series, was shuttered by publisher Embracer Group following the release of a reboot of the franchise in 2022. Embracer's slow-motion implosion is something we've been chronicling for what feels like an age (in reality, it's been six months), so it's nice to report on a studio opening for a change. Former Volition veterans have reunited under a new banner, that of Shapeshifter Games.

Spotted by Techraptor, according to the developer's newly created LinkedIn page, the new outfit is based in Champaign, Illinois, working with other developers and publishers to produce AAA games. Studio head Matt Madigan says Shapeshifter's goal is to "grow and assist developers and publishers by providing a sustainable workforce model", and they're currently hiring. Former Volition producer Rob Loftus will serve as studio director, and Brian Traficante will again be a creative director, just now at Shapeshifter Games.

Are you glad to see something besides a better bottom line come out of this Embracer mess? Would you rather see something similar to Saint's Row out of the studio or something entirely different? Turn over a new leaf of your own in the comments section below.

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