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The French publisher, soon to be formerly known as Focus Entertainment, has announced it will be rebranding in April 2024, changing its name to PulluP Entertainment. Using an annoying combination of capital letters, PulluP is a palindrome and can thus be spelt both forwards and backwards, if needed.

We think the news is some smokescreen, knowing we would fixate on the PulluP thing, meant to distract from the company's third-quarter earnings report, which was down 43% in revenue compared to last year. Games like A Plague Tale: Requiem and Evil West make for a rough comparison, and the company cites a lack of major releases in the past quarter as the most significant contributing figure. They don't have a new logo yet, either, or we'd poke a bit of fun at that, too.

Annoyingly, the Focus Entertainment branding isn't going away; the company will split its business into three distinct imprints. The company at large will be called PulluP Entertainment. Its dedicated publishing arm will be called Focus Entertainment Publishing, which will work with other developers to bring indies to the market. The Arcade Crew will do the same for smaller and retro titles. Meanwhile, the Studios Division will consist of the company's seven in-house development teams, the best known of which is likely Deck13.

What do you think of Focus Entertainment's upcoming rebrand? Have we got it wrong, and is PulluP a fantastic name? Let us know in the comments section below.

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