Square Enix has today revealed its online foam battling game Foamstars will launch for PS5, PS4 on 6th February 2024, and it'll be available on PS Plus Essential from day one. The game will release straight into Sony's base subscription tier, and will cost $29.99 once it's rotated out for another title in early March. Check out the new trailer above.

Three modes will be available at launch: Smash the Star, Happy Bath Survival, and Rubber Duck Party. There'll be both single player and co-op missions on offer as well as a Season Pass to source new cosmetic items from. Support from Square Enix will last for one year, with the first season starting in March. "On top of seasonal exclusive content and skins — additional characters, maps, and modes will also be released throughout the year so please look forward to the yearlong Foamstars Party."

We had the chance to play Foamstars during the summer months of last year, and found it to be a pleasantly enjoyable affair. "It's one of those games you can't help but play with a smile locked across your face, taking in the chaos and revelling in it when you score some takedowns. With the surfing mechanic on top — this is also how you'll confirm kills and save teammates — it's a responsive experience that feels finely tuned with genuine care."

So, that's Foamstars launching as a PS Plus Essential game on 6th February 2024. Will you give it a go? Let us know in the comments below.