FMV Mess Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Fixes PS5 , PS4's Piping in March 1

While we’re big fans of preservation here at Push Square, we must concede we’re a little surprised to see 1993’s infamous FMV outing Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties get a re-release on PS5 and PS4. That’s exactly what’s happening thanks to Limited Run Games, though – and according to a PS Store listing spotted by Gematsu, you’ll be able to play it from 5th March. The re-release had previously been due out in 2023, but must have temporarily got lost around the u-bend.

For those who don’t know, this game first released on the 3DO when cringey FMV was big business, but it’s since cultivated a curious online following thanks to hosts like the Angry Video Game Nerd. The Trophy list – which was also published today – is self-referential and silly, so it’s clear that no one is expecting this to win Game of the Year. We do think it’s neat we live at a time where titles like this can feasibly get re-released, though.

In addition to the core game, you’ll find a wealth of documentary content included in this version, as well as a gallery mode featuring behind-the-scenes photographs from the original release. One neat feature will allow you to toggle between 4K restored footage and the grainy compressed stills used for the original CD-ROM version of the game.

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