Sony X Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

In one of the more bizarre marketing agreements, it's been revealed Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has its own official TV: the Sony Bravia XR. A press release from Sony Electronics suggests the television "is the official gaming TV for this release, offering the ultimate gaming experience to guide users who take on the role of Cloud Strife and pursue Sephiroth, the legendary swordsman". There are not any new features actually exclusive to the TV when you play the game on it; this is just a bit of marketing.

The only real titbit is the press release mentions utilising VRR (variable refresh rate) suggesting Final Fantasy VII Rebirth may ship with a graphical mode that unlocks the frame rate at a slightly lower resolution. This hasn't been confirmed at the time of writing, though. The game launches as a PS5 exclusive next month on 29th February 2024.

One other detail from the press release is that after selling more than seven million copies, Final Fantasy VII Remake became Square Enix's highest-selling digital release on the PS Store in the company's history. Will you be buying this TV purely because it's now associated with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Please tell us you're joking in the comments below.