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The voice of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth protagonist Cloud Strife, Cody Christian, thinks that overly zealous fans could tone it down a bit. Players have had strong opinions on the Cloud and Aerith/Tifa love triangle ever since the release of the 1997 original. But with the prospect of another romantic outing at The Gold Saucer looming, the complex relationships underpinning the party are causing consternation for some.

Pointing to the practice of "shipping" as a contributing factor, Christian posted his take on Twitter; as anyone who frequents Final Fantasy fandoms will know, when passionate players gather to discuss their thoughts and feelings on matters as important as who Cloud should kiss, things can get heated pretty quickly.

But the mystery of a romantic subplot (which can even be read as platonic) is part of the game's magic, and the fixation some have on a specific outcome does the game a disservice. Christian said: "'Shippers' crumble under the idea that a character is allowed to have significant relationships with MULTIPLE characters. This provides overarching depth. The need to overtly sexualize every relationship can ruin great story development."

In Rebirth, we know that Zack will have an expanded role this time around, potentially turning this love triangle into a far trickier square situation (or potentially a less-stable rhombus). Do you feel like the fandom can get a little too carried away at times? Would you rather the writers spell things out instead? Be suave, self-assured, and your authentic self in the comments section below.

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