Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

For the longest time, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was the coolest thing Final Fantasy fans had ever seen. One of the ways Square Enix is promoting the impending PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is almost equally cool. In partnership with Fathom Events and Sony Pictures, the company is screening the Director's Cut version in select U.S. theatres on 21st and 22nd February, the week before Rebirth launches.

You can get the full details here, and tickets are on sale now via Fathom's website. The Director's Cut was released in 2009 and is 26 minutes longer, featuring cut scenes. If you are lucky enough to have a screening nearby, make sure to arrive early for a short film featuring interviews with the Rebirth development team, and know that at least one international Final Fantasy fan is very jealous of the opportunity.

The animated successor to Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, tells a story two years after the events of the original game. Released in 2005, Final Fantasy X was several years old by that point (2001), and Final Fantasy XII would launch the following year. Largely nonsensical in terms of plot, Advent Children gave us numerous unforgettable fight sequences that still give us goosebumps all these years later.

Will you be getting along to see Advent Children in theatres? Non-Americans, would you go given the chance? Watch old clips wistfully in the comments section below.

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