As promised, the future of Fate/Samurai Remnant was revealed during a special Fate broadcast on New Year's Eve (and we're only just covering it now because... well, we were too busy sleeping off all of the alcohol we consumed). The action RPG is getting three rounds of DLC in 2024, with the first, titled Keian Command Championship, launching in February.

All we've got to go on right now is the above teaser trailer, which seems to suggest that it'll be some kind of tournament-based storyline. We're up for it, to be honest, given the strength of the game's main cast.

Although it was ultimately overlooked by many because of how stacked 2023's release schedule was, we still heartily recommend checking Fate/Samurai Remnant out if you're a fan of anime-styled action RPGs. It even managed to make Rob's Game of the Year list.

Are you a Fate/Samurai Remnant fan? Are you looking forward to this DLC? Keep your swords sharp in the comments section below.