Tekken 8 Tekken World Tour

It's a big weekend for Tekken as a brand. Over the next few days, the final Tekken World Tour tournament will reach its conclusion, as the planet's best pro players duke it out one last time ahead of Tekken 8's launch later this month.

It all begins with the Last Chance Qualifier tournament (LCQ for short), which takes place later today (the 12th January) on Tekken's official Twitch and YouTube channels. That competition will determine the last competitor in this weekend's Tekken World Tour Finals, which begins on the 13th January and ends on the 14th January. That tournament will also be streamed live on the aforementioned channels.

But with the conclusion of competitive Tekken 7, Bandai Namco will be looking to the future. Tekken godfather Katsuhiro Harada has revealed that a 'Tekken Talk' panel will be broadcast alongside the TWT Finals. The event will no doubt shed a light on immediate post-launch plans for Tekken 8, so it'll be worth watching if you're hyped for the upcoming fighter.

Will you be keeping up with all of the Tekken action this weekend? Embrace your heat gauge in the comments section below.

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