Dragon's Dogma 2 looms on the horizon, and IGN has managed to snag exclusive access to the action RPG ahead of its launch in March. The publication's posted 18 minutes of brand new PS5 gameplay (in 4K, no less), which showcases four character classes (or vocations, as they're known in-game). We get a good look at the sword and shield Fighter, the dextrous dagger-wielding Thief, the heavy weaponed Warrior, and the spell-slinging Sorcerer.

From what we can tell, this footage is taken from a newer build of the game compared to what we've seen previously — which makes sense given the timing. In any case, it's still looking incredibly promising, with Capcom building on the already amazing foundation that is the original Dragon's Dogma. The combat just looks so weighty — in a good way.

How's your hype for Dragon's Dogma 2 holding up? Grab your pawns and adventure deep into the comments section below.

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