Dive into Free PS5, PS4 Racer Disney Speedstorm's Little Mermaid Season Soon 1

French developer Gameloft invites you to be its guest for its upcoming The Little Mermaid season in free-to-play kart racer, Disney Speedstorm. Scheduled to make a splash from 8th February, the Under the Sea update will include four new racers inspired by the legendary animated (and live action, we suppose) movie, including Ariel, Ursula, King Triton, and Prince Eric.

The racers will be accompanied by a slate of fresh Crew Members, including Flounder, Sebastian, Max, Flotsam and Jetsam, Scuttle, and more. And, as you’d expect, there’ll be a brand-new race course inspired by Atlantica, which will ask you to “navigate underwater hazards and other players with their eyes set on victory”.

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Disney Speedstorm updates typically tend to launch alongside new Battle Passes and single player challenges, so there’ll likely be a lot to dive into here. Do you play this surprisingly solid kart racer? Submerge yourself into the comments section below and let us know.

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