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Developer Raven Software is one of several Activision studios responsible for Call of Duty, with the company considered the face of maintaining and managing the ongoing Warzone side of things. Last week, we brought you word of the game's vaunted Season 1 Reloaded update buckling the game, and Raven has issued an apology, explaining what went wrong.

Raven posted its mea culpa on Twitter, and the developer said it had been caught with its pants down, "laying the groundwork for the return of some fan favourite features in upcoming seasons", part of which inadvertently went live in the update. This caused a conflict between live player data and the studio's servers, leading to the many bizarre bugs and glitches players experienced.

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Raven rallied teams from around the globe and released an update to address Season 1 Reloaded's issues the next day. The developer apologised for the snafu and promised to do better in the future: "We - as devs - love this game and apologise for the disruption that resulted from these events. Please know that we hold ourselves to a high standard, and yesterday's issues did not align with that."

The swift resolution appears to have mollified players for the moment, along with the promise of "fan favourite features in upcoming seasons". Enthusiast COD account Modern Warzone put the whole situation quite succinctly: "Update was a major L, the response to the major L has been a W."

How was your Call of Duty: Warzone experience over the weekend? Has the situation improved? Please give us a boots-on-the-ground sitrep in the comments section below.