Dragon's Dogma 2 becomes more real every day, and Capcom's robust RPG is starting an all-new journey on PS5 from 22nd March. But before that grand adventure can begin, players must overcome that most consistently enduring of all roleplaying challenges: character creation.

As part of IGN's ongoing First coverage of the game, we got a detailed look at the system, which players can manipulate to painstakingly differentiate their character and an AI Pawn companion. Or to create nightmarish monsters, whichever you prefer. This was achieved by adding two body types per race, nine base bodies per type, and countless head variations from more than 100 human head scans.

Like Dark Souls and Fallout, individual parameters for increasingly specific stuff like "traps size" and "torso length" can be further tweaked. The artists who worked on the game insisted on the system's complexity, which allows for customization beyond what was possible in the original.

For those that prefer their characters covered in fur, the Beastren race has been added. Capcom apparently studied felines' fur patterns and features to get the most realistic fluff, claws, and fangs into the game. This was something director Hideaki Itsuno wanted to get into the original, but hardware limitations at the time prevented players from playing as big cats, which won't be an issue this time around, thanks to the processing power of the PS5.

What do you think of Dragon's Dogma 2's character creator? Do you prefer this more granular style of tweaking, or would you rather run with something preset? Will you be playing as a big cat? Let us know in the comments section below.

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