RoboCop Rogue City New Game + Patch

As teased earlier this month, RoboCop: Rogue City has a fresh patch on PS5 (or at least, it's set to release today at the time of writing). It's a fairly major update, adding New Game + to the crime-fighting experience alongside an extra hard difficulty level — the idea being that you'll be able to tackle this challenge with all of your character progression and weapon upgrades intact.

Anyway, here are the patch notes, as posted by developer Teyon:

  • Added a New Game Plus mode
  • Added a new difficulty: "There Will be Trouble"
  • Added a new unlockable Golden Auto-9 skin, available once NG+ is available
  • Added more Auto-9 Chips and Boards
  • Fixed the shooting mode not properly resetting when exiting interiors
  • Fixed RoboCop's right hand disappearing when grabbing a human enemy while unaliving them
  • Fixed the Stolen Vehicle investigation being skipped if Ben immediately opened the locker

Will you be taking New Game + for a spin? Shut down some ne'er-do-wells in the comments section below.