Believe It or Not, PS4 Sales Rocketed in the UK Last Year 1
Image: Push Square

There’s still life in the ol’ PS4 it seems, as sales of Sony’s last-gen console increased by a face-melting 633 per cent year-over-year in 2023 in the UK. This number is obviously heavily influenced by the sheer scarcity of the system the year prior, as the tail of the console was dramatically cut short due to the chip shortages prompted by the pandemic. Nevertheless, it demonstrates there is still pent-up demand for PlayStation’s previous platform.

And it makes a lot of sense in some ways: software for the PS4 can be purchased incredibly cheaply, either physically from stores or digitally from the PS Store. It’s future-proof as well: anyone who eventually decides to upgrade to a PS5 will be able to carry all of their purchases forward, so there’s very little risk in plumping up for the PS4 while new-gen prices are still relatively high. It’s also worth pointing out most major new releases are still launching on the PS4 – many with free PS5 upgrades.

In truth, while the percentage increase looks absolutely enormous, the actual PS4 sales numbers are likely to be extremely low. It’s a reminder that there is still a lot of life left in the decade-old device, though, and we suspect it’ll continue to get some support for several more years yet. All of this will be music to Sony’s ears, of course, because while it’d prefer to convert PS4 owners to PS5 – it’d rather have them playing on its last-gen device than not at all.