Baldur's Gate 3 PS5 PS Plus

In response to comments from a Ubisoft executive suggesting gamers need to become "comfortable" with the idea of not owning their games, Larian Studios founder Swen Vicke has doubled down on the traditional method of accessing video games: paying for them. As part of a Twitter thread, he suggests a world dominated by subscriptions essentially dictates what games get made, and rules out the likes of Baldur's Gate 3 hitting a service like PS Plus.

Swen Vicke explained: "You won’t find our games on a subscription service even if I respect that for many developers it presents an opportunity to make their game." As well as Baldur's Gate 3, this rules out the Divinity: Original Sin titles on PS Plus too. Vicke argues that if subscription services reign supreme, then a "select group gets to decide what goes to market and what not", meaning it'll be harder for certain games to get funded.

"Getting a board to ok a project fueled by idealism is almost impossible and idealism needs room to exist, even if it can lead to disaster," he continues. "Subscription models will always end up being cost/benefit analysis exercises intended to maximize profit." With discoverability already a problem for some developers on platforms like the PS Store, Vicke suggests the issue could become "savage" if "those platforms all switch to subscription".

The CEO's comments come in response to an interview with Ubisoft's director of subscriptions Philippe Tremblay, who thinks a "consumer shift" needs to take place where video games are likened to your CD and DVD collections that have been replaced by streaming services such as Apple Music and Amazon Prime Video. Consumers "got comfortable not owning their CD collection or DVD collection. That's a transformation that's been a bit slower to happen [in games]." He thinks it'll soon be all about "feeling comfortable with not owning your game" since you don't lose any progress in them.

Where do you fall on this debate? Were you hoping to play Baldur's Gate 3 down the line on PS Plus? Share your thoughts in the comments below.