Ultros certainly stands out from the crowd, doesn't it? The vivid colours and clean lines of its art style are very eye-catching, but in this new video, developer Hadoque goes over what you'll actually be doing in this sci-fi Metroidvania.

The adventure takes place on the Sarcophagus, a mysterious alien ship full that appears to be a blend of building and organism. In it you'll be fending off hostile creatures, exploring strange areas, and, yes, doing a spot of gardening.

Part of the gameplay will be planting and growing flora to help you progress and unlock new skills. Eating plants will afford you different nutritional values, which can then be used to acquire new abilities. Meanwhile, you can also place down food for enemies, which will turn them friendly.

It looks super interesting — we're very curious to see how this one pans out when it arrives in February. What do you think of Ultros? Tell us in the comments section below.

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