We've watched the trailer for Thrasher, and we're still trying to work out exactly how to describe it. This new game, which comes from indie team Puddle and the artist and composer behind Thumper, looks like an ethereal, otherworldly game in this debut trailer.

Thrasher is self-described as "a mind-melting cosmic racer and essential audiovisual experience". It'll be coming first to VR platforms (PSVR2 isn't mentioned), with flat screen versions to follow afterwards. All we can really say for the game so far is that it looks visually arresting, and definitely bears some of the same style as Thumper. It appears you'll guide a worm-like creature through various items and obstacles, and attack large bosses — including a baby?

What do you make of Thrasher? Will you be keeping an eye on this curious game? Let us know in the comments section below.