Developer SFB Games is best known for its Detective Grimoire series of murder mystery adventure games, with Tangle Tower perhaps the biggest of those titles. Now, it's time to see what's next for the investigator and his assistant. Grimoire and Sally's next mystery is named The Mermaid's Tongue, and you can watch the reveal trailer above.

Coming to PC and consoles in 2024, The Mermaid's Tongue is a brand new mystery for the duo, this time taking them aboard a submarine where its captain, Magnus Mortuga, has been murdered. The game looks to be very much in the same mould as Tangle Tower — you'll explore the submarine by navigating to its various rooms, searching for clues, and talking to numerous colourful characters. As you go, you'll come up against varied puzzles that lead to key evidence, and will need to make some deductions by piecing together logical solutions.

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