We've known about Flock for quite a while now, and it continues to look absolutely delightful in this latest look at gameplay. Published by Annapurna Interactive, it comes from developer Hollow Ponds, the team that previously brought us Hohokum and I Am Dead, among others. You can certainly see some Hohokum DNA here, but it's quite a different experience overall.

In Flock, you ride a giant bird around a colourful open world. In addition to a bunch of floating sheep, you can charm various animals to join your flock. A big part of the game seems to be finding and cataloguing all these creatures, all of which behave differently and have unique traits you'll need to bear in mind.

You can play this on your own, but the game also supports co-op, so you can have a friend join you for some chilled out fun. It looks really lovely — hopefully the experience holds up for the duration.

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