The Crew Motorfest has been plugging away in the background since its launch in September. Ubisoft's typically fantastic post-launch support has kept the open world racer packed with things to do and rewards to earn. Now, though, Season 1 is drawing to a close as the game prepares for Season 2, which gets started tomorrow, 6th December 2023.

Lasting all the way through to March 2024, the big draw of this new season is the inclusion of Hoonigan — a huge car culture brand. A new, dedicated area will be added to the game's map, inspired by Gymkhana and offering up lots of new events and challenges.

Season 2 will add 24 more vehicles over its duration, including the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX and the Lamborghini SC20. There's also a brand new Playlist — Gymkhana Grid Masters — which will have players "prove their driving skills in extreme situations". The Playlist Drift Experience is being doubled in size with a second volume of events, and you'll also be able to earn Hoonigan custom cars like the Ford Hoonicorn Mustang and the Audi S1 E-Tron Quattro Hoonitron.

It sounds like Season 2 will be stuffed with exciting things to see and do, then — will you be taking it for a spin? Are you still enjoying The Crew Motorfest? Let us know in the comments section below.