The Crew

Yesterday, Ubisoft announced it'd be removing The Crew — the original game in the series — from sale. Indeed, it's now not available on PS Store or any other digital platform. Furthermore, online servers for the open world racer will be switched off come 31st March, 2024.

Ubisoft shared the update on its website, along with memories and messages about the 2014 title from developer Ivory Tower. "We understand this may be disappointing for players still enjoying the game, but it has become a necessity due to upcoming server infrastructure and licensing constraints," the team said. "Decommissioning a game, and especially our first one, is not something we take lightly. Our goal remains to provide the best action driving gameplay experience for players and to deliver on it, we are continuing to provide new content and support for The Crew 2 and the recently launched The Crew Motorfest."

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It's not a surprising development, considering the game is nearly a decade old and has broadly been superseded by not one but two sequels. While it laid the foundation for the series, The Crew 2 and Motorfest take the concept further and improve on it — though we've no doubt the original still has its fans.

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