Bandai Namco is full steam ahead with Tekken 8 as the fighting game fast approaches launch day. The title is due for release on 26th January 2024, and up to now, most of its trailers have been focused on single characters. This new one, however, shows off the game's Story mode — and it's looking typically mad.

Following on from the events of Tekken 7, the story will follow Jin Kazama in his quest to bring the fight to his father, Kazuya. The mode will involve the game's wider cast in a narrative that'll see the return of the King of Iron Fist Tournament — but it seems the world has bigger problems if Kazama is allowed to run rampant.

The just-released Tekken 8 demo includes the first chapter of this Story mode, so you can see how it starts out before the full game comes next month. Are you excited for Tekken 8? Tell us in the comments section below.