Dead by Deadlight PS5 PS4

Horror fans have something interesting confirmed to be at The Games Awards, as it's been announced that an interactive single-player game set in the expansive Dead by Daylight universe and developed by Supermassive Games (of Until Dawn and The Quarry fame) will be revealed during the show.

Over on Twitter, the Dead by Daylight account posted a short clip teasing the reveal and promising fans they would learn more during The Game Awards. While Supermassive Games will lead development, the project will be a collaborative effort between it and Behaviour Interactive, the studio behind Dead by Daylight.

It will be set in the terrifying omniverse that allows for Dead by Daylight's crazy crossovers but follows a new cast of characters to create an "intense narrative experience filled with powerful life-or-death decisions." From previous reporting, it would seem like this new game will be about the same size and scope as The Quarry and will be due out in 2025 or 2026.

Are you excited by the prospect of a single-player Dead by Daylight game in the distinct style of Supermassive Games? Engage in fight-or-flight until the dawn's first light in the comments section below.