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After 19 years of service, BioWare veteran Mac Walters announced his departure from the studio back in January. Walters worked as project director for the wonderful Mass Effect: Legendary Edition before leaving, which compiled the original Mass Effect trilogy, the successful release of which felt like the right note to go out on.

In an interview with MinnMax (thanks, PC Gamer), Walters explained his reasoning for leaving BioWare, explaining that the Legendary Edition was "so successful to me as a project, in the sense of the team was healthy, we really got along, then of course it was critically and financially successful, it just felt like, this is the bow on all the things I've done in Mass Effect. I don't want to do any more Mass Effect after this. Why tempt fate?"

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And while it was time to move on from Mass Effect, that doesn't mean Walters is done with sci-fi stories yet. He recently took up the mantle of leadership at a new studio called Worlds Untold. Details on the studio's debut project are scant, outside of it being "a near-future action-adventure game in a breathtaking world filled with mystery and exploration".

Did you pick up the Legendary Edition? Are you excited to see what kind of stories Walters cooks up next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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