Sony: It's Important People Who Don't Play Games Access Our Content 1

Sony wants to reach beyond the traditional boundaries of its PlayStation walled garden, and is eager to ensure non-console owners have access to its content. We’ve slowly started to see this strategy in motion: the company has commissioned television and movie adaptations of its biggest franchises, has ported select software to the PC, and has even established a new mobile gaming division.

Speaking with Nikkei, honcho Hideaki Nishino touched upon this strategy in a little more detail – and how it can be beneficial to console sales in the long run: “It's important that people who don't play games have access to our content, and we hope to use movies and dramas as an opportunity to make people want to try PlayStation games. The Last of Us series' sales increased when the live-action-drama version was airing.”

Anecdotally, we saw a massive spike on our pre-existing The Last of Us content during the initial television run of HBO’s adaptation, so we can certainly appreciate the impact it had. Personally, we’re fully behind this strategy; speaking from the perspective of a PlayStation fan site, we’re also eager to reach as many people as possible, so if Sony can appeal to people outside of the traditional console owning community, then that’s an opportunity for us as well.

The more people exposed to PlayStation the better in our opinion.