Is this it? Is land finally in sight on the horizon? Does Skull and Bones have a... release date? Well, in this new trailer, it sure has something that looks like a release date. Are we nearly there? Is it happening?

Strange as it may seem, it appears the beleaguered Ubisoft pirate game, Skull and Bones, has locked in a launch date. On 16th February, 2024, we'll seemingly all be able to take to the high seas for some multiplayer maritime action.

Obviously, it's a bit tricky with this game, though. It's had *checks notes* a billion other release dates in the past, and has been delayed for years and years to get it ship shape. Is Ubisoft finally going to stick to its guns and get this damn thing out the door? To be honest, we won't believe the game's out until it's installed on our PS5s, but here's hoping!

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