Looking for a crash course on how to play Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed Clash on PS5 and PS4? Well, here’s Satoru Gojo to help. In truth, while this trailer is delivered as a kind of crash course on the game, there’s really not a whole lot to learn. Essentially, it’s a tag-team arena brawler where you need to attack to build your Cursed Energy Gauge, which subsequently allows you to deploy special moves – including some deadly joint attacks.

There are two online modes: competitive where you take on other players, and co-operative where you team up against the CPU. And yes, as you progress, you’ll unlock various customisable cosmetics which you can use to personalise your profile.

To be honest, the game’s looking a little light in terms of content, but we’ll learn more on 2nd February when the anticipated anime adaptation arrives.

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