Sand Land still doesn't have an ETA on PS5 and PS4. Still, the more we see of Bandai Namco's upcoming vehicular action RPG (bearing that signature Akira Toriyama art style), the more we anticipate taking a road trip with Beelzebub. In a new trailer, we're introduced to the the Uniride, a versatile contraption described as a cross "between a car and a motorcycle" but loaded with all kinds of high-calibre ordinance.

Highly mobile, piloting the unconventional vehicle looks like something players will need to become proficient in if they want to contend with the fearsome wildlife populating the blasted landscape, underpinned by reassuring RPG numbers. Various other vehicles will become available throughout the game, but none look as unique as the Uniride.

What do you think of Sand Land? Does it look like a journey worth undertaking? Start your engines in the comments section below.