Things are starting to heat up in the PS5 Pro rumour mill. Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb, who's been a relatively reliable source of information in the past, has made further comments on Sony's unannounced mid-step console, suggesting it's currently scheduled to arrive in about nine months' time.

In the above video, Grubb comments that the recent PS5 Pro specs leak is "almost certainly real", and is targeting a release in September 2024. The other key thing he talks about is the PS5 Pro's main new feature, said to be Sony's own version of Nvidia's DLSS technology. Essentially, this would use machine learning for super-sampling images, resulting in enhanced resolutions and frame rates, better ray tracing, and so on.

Again, Grubb has been fairly reliably talking about gaming-related stuff long before it's announced, but it's ultimately still just hearsay at the end of the day. Whether you put any stock in all this PS5 Pro business is up to you, but no smoke without fire and all that.

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