Update: There's now a launch trailer for Rocket Racing, which features a bunch of proper gameplay. It looks very fast and chaotic — let's hope it feels good to play, too.

Original Story: Rocket League is ditching football for the race track with Rocket Racing. Developer Psyonix is behind this new spin on the popular arcade game, and it's now available to play exclusively in Fortnite.

To celebrate the game's arrival, the above trailer has been released, giving fans an idea of what to expect. It's a cinematic trailer with zero gameplay, so we're still not very clued in when it comes to how this feels to play — but it's a neat, action-packed trailer that hints at some mechanics.

For example, it looks like the vehicles' manoeuvrability from Rocket League will translate over, with the cars able to jump and fly temporarily using boost. We also see one car take a shortcut or alternate path, so hopefully that comes into play in all the tracks. It seems we'll be able to drive on walls and ceilings too, with enough speed.

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