We're pretty optimistic about Resistor, an intriguing blend of RPG and arcade racing that's looking quite promising. A new video for the game has just been unveiled, this time providing a general overview of what to expect.

You play as a fully customisable character named Aster, whose race driver father passed away in an on-track accident. Swearing off racing for good, the protagonist must get behind the wheel in order to win a ticket back into the city and save their ill mother. While this set-up allows for lots of vehicular action, which is as much about style as it is about coming first, it seems the narrative will play a fairly big part of the game. Also shown during the video are some on-foot sections, where you can interact with other characters and pick up some simple side challenges.

Some so-so voice acting aside, this looks like it could be a lot of fun. Resistor is coming to PS5 sometime next year.