PS5 Download Error CE-107982-7

Update 2: The download error PS5 players have been experiencing for a good chunk of the day appears to have been fixed. By our count, the problem persisted for roughly five to six hours before it was sorted out. Hopefully everything's stable from this point on.

Update: Sony has acknowledged the problem with PS5 downloads on its official PSN Service Stats page.

A note on the situation reads: "You might have difficulty getting products in PlayStation Store. We're working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience."

Again, let's just hope that this is solved sooner rather than later! You can find additional details on what this is all about in our original article below.

Original Story: PS5 players are experiencing what seem to be widespread download errors. We've seen a growing number of reports about this online, and we've ran into the problem ourselves over the last few hours. In short, it's stopping people from downloading anything on their console — games, updates, and everything else included.

The error code most people seem to be running into is CE-107982-7, which, when entered into PlayStation's own error code database, brings up a number of PS4-related issues that refer to your network connection timing out. Hmmm.

It's fair to assume that this is some kind of PSN problem that should be ironed out sooner rather than later. Sony's yet to comment on the situation, but we'll be sure to keep this article updated all the same.

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