Here's a lovely Christmas present from FuturLab. Its strangely relaxing clean-'em-up, PowerWash Simulator, has just received a brand new level to celebrate the holiday season. Even more good news: it's available on PS5 and PS4 right now. Even better news: it's free.

Yes, after claiming the DLC on PS Store, all players will be able to enter Santa's Workshop and give it the pressure wash it so desperately needs. The stage apparently features over 500 dings, more than any other level in the game, so this will definitely be a big job. As you clean, you'll get messages from one of Santa's elves, explaining how the workshop came to be so filthy.

In addition to the festive map, the DLC also includes a handful of holiday-themed cosmetics. You can outfit yourself and your power washer in some Christmassy gear, because why wouldn't you want that? It's Christmas!

PowerWash Simulator is currently one of PS Plus Essential's monthly games, meaning anyone with a PS Plus subscription to any tier can claim this curious title and start playing.

Will you be cleaning up Santa's workshop in PowerWash Simulator? Get your waterproofs on in the comments section below.