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As the year draws to a close, popular adult film archive Pornhub has continued its annual holiday tradition, releasing needlessly detailed (yet endlessly fascinating) data gleaned from users. Pertinent to our purview, there's a whole section dedicated to the most popular video games, character-related searches, and preferred consoles, offering debatably valuable insight into the preferences of modern gamers.

Of course, there's no judgment here, as every character listed is a fictional creation, but it's probably worth noting that several aren't human. At least one isn't even technically alive. We were surprised to learn Street Fighter's Chun-Li, specifically as depicted in the family-friendly Fortnite, was the most popular character search, followed by Final Fantasy VII's Tifa and Overwatch's D.VA.

PornHub Traffic by Console

Other notable additions include Lady Dimitrescu, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario, taking the #5, #6, and #8 spots, respectively. PlayStation users contributed overwhelmingly, and God of War's Freya made the list, the sole character from a first-party studio to do so. Diehard fans of Sony's maligned handheld, the PS Vita, seem to be still getting some use out of the portable device.

Regarding video game searches, we were surprised to see the supposedly controversial Baldur's Gate 3 rate shockingly low, placing behind The Witcher but still managing to outdo undeniably sexy titles like Cup Head and Among Us.

Are you surprised by these scientific findings? Did your favourite video game character or franchise feature on PornHub's revealing list? Maintain a scholarly decorum in the comments section below.