PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023 1

As is becoming a tradition for this time of year, Sony has once again brought back its Spotify-style PlayStation Wrap-Up feature, which reveals all your gaming stats for the year. Follow this link and log into your PSN account to get started.

The online flashback starts by sharing how many new PS5, PS4 games you started this year, then reveals a top five of your most played titles. Sony then predicts your "gaming style", then breaks the year down into each month and reveals the game you played most from January to December. You'll then get some recommendations based on your gaming style from PS Plus, and then it's the big one: your overall PS5, PS4 playtime. PlayStation Wrap-Up then moves on to your Trophy haul, how many messages you've sent, what you've done in PS Stars, and offers you the chance to share your best stats to social media.

If you go through the whole process, you'll receive a code to download a PS5, PS4 Avatar and PS Stars collectible. What are some of your biggest PlayStation Wrap-Up stats? Which ones are you embarrassed by? Post them all in the comments below.