Announced during the annual Granblue Fantasy Fes, Cygames will release a playable PS5 and PS4 demo for Granblue Fantasy: Relink next month. With the action RPG set to release on the 1st February, said demo should give fans even more reason to be excited for this highly promising title.

We don't have a specific date for the demo, but we would guess that it'll launch in the latter half of January, not too far from the full game's aforementioned release. The demo will include a "slice" of the main single-player story, plus a selection of multiplayer quests (which can be played solo with CPU allies or online with other people). What's more, 11 characters will be playable, and giving the demo a shot will earn you "rewards" for the full game.

Speaking of characters, Cygames has also confirmed that additional heroes will be added to the adventure through post-launch support in the shape of free updates. A big one's dropping in April.

And finally, Relink got two new trailers during the celebrations. You can find the 'Boss Battle' video at the top of this article, and the 'Theme Song' trailer below.

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