Annapurna Interactive has finally shared an update on Open Roads, the next game from the makers of Gone Home and Tacoma. Announced way back in 2020, this narrative adventure about a mother-daughter road trip has a release date at last — it arrives on PS5 and PS4 on 22nd February, 2024.

The title follows single mother Opal, voiced by Keri Russell, and her daughter Tess, voiced by Kaitlyn Dever. In the above new video, Russell talks us through what we can expect from the game. The pair take to the road in order to track down some long-buried family secrets. You'll explore locations from the family's past and find various items that help piece together its history.

It has a really interesting visual style, and given Fullbright Games' previous titles, we expect the story will hit the mark. We're pretty excited to check out Open Roads, but what do you think? Fasten your seatbelts in the comments section below.