Metaphor ReFantazio Combat

One of the most interesting things about the latest Metaphor: ReFantazio trailer is that it seems to show action and turn-based combat. Of course, Atlus is well known for its turn-based mechanics ā€” Persona 5 being a standout example ā€” and so it was largely assumed that Metaphor would follow suit. However, that's not quite the case.

During a new livestream, the developer confirms the upcoming RPG will feature a combat system that incorporates both action and turn-based elements. Taking your time and issuing commands to your party members is still at the core of the experience, but lesser foes can apparently be slain through hacking and slashing. You can also initiate battle with tougher enemies through action, and then dive into the turn-based side of things with an advantage.

Interestingly, this sounds almost identical to the system that's in Trails through Daybreak. The latest Trails titles let you smack opponents via real-time action combat before entering a turn-based arena ā€” so we're left wondering if Atlus took some inspiration from Falcom's series.

But then Persona 3, 4, and 5 have all featured mechanics where you can get the jump on your foes by assaulting them before battle, so we suppose this is just a natural evolution.

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