Lords of the Fallen PS5 1

Successful Souls-like Lords of the Fallen will be patched today with the first of two seasonal updates that bring quests, weapons and armour pieces, and spells to the PS5 game. Offerings of Orius arrives today while Trial of the Three Spirits drops on 21st December 2023, each adding more features and festive decorations and minigames.

With the update downloaded, Offerings of Orius will today add Christmas decorations to the Vestiges spread across the world. You can then try out six new spells like Immolation and Holy Arrow Shot, sample three new projectiles such as Blood Vomit and Explosive Mines, and finally utilise more boss weapon abilities having completed the associated task.

Lords of the Fallen PS5 2

Then, in one week's time, Trial of the Three Spirits allows you to equip snowballs and throw them at enemies or other players invading your game. You've also got three new questlines, three more weapons, and another three armour sets to pursue. A feature requested by the community is also coming to the game: the ability to reset your character's appearance. You'll need to complete a new quest that unlocks the Mirror of Distortion to do so. Other upcoming features include a storage box for up to 2,000 items, the ability to remap gamepad buttons, and new Grevious Attacks.

Except for the Christmas decorations and the throwable snowballs, all this content is a permanent addition to the game so you don't need to worry about missing out on too much. In our Lords of the Fallen PS5 review, we awarded the game a 7/10 and praised its dual-world mechanic and impressive visuals. "Lords of the Fallen is an exciting kind of Souls-like. Whereas many others aim to perfect the formula, Lords of the Fallen’s goal is to innovate."