Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Will Add a Pinch of Roguelite Fun to Its PS5, PS4 Campaign 1

It sounds like there will be a touch of the ol’ roguelike in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, as an update to the game’s official website – spotted by Games Radar – mentions the inclusion of a dungeon which changes each time you visit it. To be fair, the grinding in predecessor Yakuza: Like a Dragon did get obscenely repetitive, so some variety in the form of an ever-changing arena should come appreciated.

SEGA’s already suggested this will be the longest Yakuza game yet, and looking at the sheer number of things to do – including an entire Animal Crossing minigame – it’s unlikely to be exaggerating. We’re not expecting the full roguelite experience from this random dungeon – we doubt you’ll be able to adjust your build with each playthrough like in the recent God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla, for example – but it sounds like a splash a variety in a title that already seems ridiculously diverse.