Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth on PS5, PS4 Has SEGA Bass Fishing, SpikeOut, and Much More 1

SEGA’s excellent Yakuza series is well-known for its minigames, but Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth looks to seriously expand upon the expectations of fans with an unprecedented number of side-activities and distractions. Chief among them is the inclusion of some fairly famous Model 3 arcade games, including SEGA Bass Fishing, SpikeOut, and Virtua Fighter 3tb. These are brand new ports, and it’s the first time SpikeOut has been playable on console since an iffy Xbox spin-off almost 20 years ago.

As we noted in a previous preview, other minigames include Crazy Delivery, a kind of Crazy Taxi-inspired Uber Eats-style minigame where you earn money by collecting food and delivering it to customers in the most madcap manner possible. There’ll also be a romance mode where you need to use a dating app in order to hook up with eligible ladies. You’ll need to use the right emojis to grab their attention!

Then, of course, you’ll find karaoke, poker, darts, strip clubs, and trivia. And this is all in addition to the previously announced Dondoko Island, which is effectively a spoof of Animal Crossing, as you’re tasked with transforming an abandoned island into a sprawling holiday resort. Remember, this is all in addition to the main plot, which is being described as the biggest Like a Dragon to date.