Like a Dragon Gaiden's Controversial English Dub Is Selectable on PS5, PS4 Now 1

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name has been warmly received on PS5 and PS4, but there’s been controversy surrounding its English dub. While most fans generally prefer to play the franchise with subtitles anyway, SEGA has found success adding English voiceovers to the series in recent years, making the franchise more accessible than it’s historically been.

But the decision to cast YouTuber Yong Yea as protagonist Kazuma Kiryu has been largely lambasted, and the first clips of his performance have been roundly ridiculed. Now you’ll be able to experience his turn as the iconic protagonist in its entirety, because the game has been updated with its previously delayed English language dub.

We’re fairly sure all involved parties worked incredibly hard on these voiceovers, but the replies to developer RGG Studio’s announcement aren’t exactly enthusiastic to say the least. “I would rather my ears not bleed,” one fan noted. Yea has a lot of work to do to convince fans of his performance, then – good job Infinite Wealth is right around the corner as well, eh?