What if Minecraft, but plastic? And in Fortnite? Gaming is weird nowadays, isn't it?

LEGO Fortnite is a brand new game you'll launch exclusively via Epic's battle royale shooter, and it's coming very soon indeed. Releasing tomorrow, 7th December 2023, it's just received this new cinematic trailer, and it's pretty clear this will be a LEGO-themed alternative to Minecraft.

In the video we see a character building tools, then gathering material to build a house, then fences, then crops, and so on — very reminiscent of some of the first steps you take in Mojang's uber-popular sandbox. Beyond that, various other characters join the fun, suggesting up to four-player co-op, as well as night-time dangers you'll need to tackle. It also takes us through varied environments, including a huge cave full of undead miners and a big bad monster.

Obviously it's hard to grasp precisely how this will play just from this trailer, but it seems that this will be going right up against Minecraft. Here's hoping it's as good as this trailer makes it look. We'll find out very soon, anyway, as it's just one more sleep away.

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