Leaderboards, Accessibility Features, More Coming to PSVR2's C-Smash VRS in January 1

The enjoyable futuristic sports title C-Smash VRS is a firm favourite among PSVR2 enthusiasts, and that's partly down to some pretty great post-launch support. The game, a virtual reality revival of Dreamcast cult classic Cosmic Smash, has received some fantastic (and free) updates since it launched back in June 2023, and that looks set to continue into 2024.

Publisher RapidEyeMovers has announced another update to the game is coming in January. This time, fans can look forward to leaderboards, allowing players to compare and compete even in the game's single-player modes. Additionally, the update will bring "innovative accessibility features and quality of life improvements", opening C-Smash VRS to more players. Exactly what those features and improvements are isn't clear just yet, but it sounds like another positive step. We'll learn more on 30th December, when a first look at the January update will debut on PSVR2 Without Parole.

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