HoYoverse, the Chinese juggernaut behind games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, wants to take over the world – one gacha at a time. Its next big thing, Zenless Zone Zero, was present once again at this year’s The Game Awards – and now it has a release window, 2024. Considering the game is enjoying a big beta right now, we always assumed it was fairly close to release.

The developer’s yet to actually dial down which platforms this will be available on. Officially, it’s coming to PC, mobile, and consoles – although which consoles specifically is unclear. We’re going to assume PS5 will be one of the options, as HoYoverse has enjoyed enormous success on Sony’s systems so far, and is unlikely to suddenly start skipping PlayStation now.

The press release officially explains: “Zenless Zone Zero’s latest trailer at The Game Awards highlighted its intricate character designs and fluid combat sequences against brand-new bosses, showcasing details of three main factions and an array of new characters who battled against the formidable final boss in Hollow Zero. Furthermore, the trailer concluded by announcing that Zenless Zone Zero will be released in 2024 across platforms.”

We’ve been playing the beta a little bit, and while we do have some criticisms, it’s hard to see this falling short of HoYoverse’s lofty expectations. Remember, the dev is also rebooting Honkai Impact 3rd at some point in 2024, too, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that ended up on consoles as well. It’s shaping up to be a big year for the company.

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